Welcome to Pack11ty!

Pack11ty is an heavily opinionated Eleventy template project created by Nicolas Hoizey.

Feel free to use it, enhance it, and share your ideas/comments with issues, or (even better) pull requests!

If you want to try it and you're in a hurry, try one of these quick options to run Pack11ty for free:

Deploy to Netlify Deploy to Vercel Deploy to StackBlitz

There are multiple options for installation/deployment.

The Pack11ty plugin (eleventy-plugin-pack11ty) provides many features out of the box, which you can enjoy on any Eleventy project:

  • Collections built automatically from root folders, with pagination for yearly and monthly archives
  • Navigation configuration
  • JavaScript and Sass/CSS assets optimized for performance
    • inline critical JavaScript and CSS
    • external and asynchronous additional JavaScript and CSS, with hashes for cache busting
    • JavaScript, CSS and HTML built separately
    • Dev mode with live reload
  • Responsive images built from simple Markdown and presets
  • Enhanced Markdown thanks to an extensive set of Markdown-it plugins for better contribution: footnotes, attributes, headings anchors, abbreviations, containers
  • A set of Eleventy filters and shortcodes are provided, including an enhanced slugify
  • A simple and responsible way to share YouTube videos

Additionnaly, the Pack11ty template repository (pack11ty) helps starting a new project from scratch with even more nice features:

  • Responsive Layout without any Media Query, thanks to CSS Flexible Box Layout (Flexbox) and layouts from Every Layout
  • A default configuration for responsive images
  • PWA for performance, installation and offline support
    • Service Worker with pre-caching of UI assets, auto caching of visited pages and offline fallback
    • Manifest for PWA installation
  • Indieweb
    • Support for receiving Webmentions
    • Atom feed for all collections combined
  • More default containers: success, warning, error
  • Etc.

Read the full documentation!

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