Installation §︎

If you're in a hurry, install your own version of Pack11ty for free on Netlify:

Deploy to Netlify

Otherwise, take some time to read the detailled installation documentation.

You will then be able to develop your site and create content.

Features §︎

Pack11ty provides many features out of the box:

  • Collections built automatically from root folders, with pagination for yearly and monthly archives
  • Navigation configuration
  • JavaScript and CSS assets optimized for performance
    • inline critical JavaScript and CSS
    • external and asynchronous additional JavaScript and CSS, with hashes for cache busting
    • JavaScript, CSS and HTML built separately
    • Dev mode with live reload
  • Responsive Layout without any Media Query, thanks to CSS Flexible Box Layout (Flexbox) and layouts from Every Layout
  • Responsive images built from simple Markdown and presets
  • PWA for performance, installation and offline support
    • Service Worker with pre-caching of UI assets, auto caching of visited pages and offline fallback
    • Manifest for PWA installation
  • Indieweb
    • Support for receiving Webmentions
    • Atom feed for all collections combined
  • Enhanced Markdown thanks to an extensive set of Markdown-it plugins for better contribution: footnotes, attributes, headings anchors, abbreviations, containers
  • A set of Eleventy filters and shortcodes are provided, including a better slugify