There are multiple ways you can use Pack11ty, depending on where you want to host your site.

Fast creation and deployment with online services

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If you just want to try it and you're in a hurry, try one of these quick options to run Pack11ty for free:

Deploy to Netlify Deploy to Vercel Deploy to StackBlitz

Buttons above will:

  1. Create a new repository in your own GitHub account with Pack11ty code
  2. Deploy a copy of this new repository to your hosting platform account (you can create one during this process if you don't have one yet).

Each time you push changes to your GitHub repository (or add/modify files directly with GitHub's Web interface), the hosting platform will build the new version of your site.

There are multiple hosting options listed in Eleventy's deployment documentation.

If you prefer to start without Netlify or Vercel hosting, you can generate a new repository with the same directory structure and files as the existing Pack11ty repository:

Use this GitHub template

You might need to configure a local development environment on your computer to be able to dive into Pack11ty code and make it your own.

  1. (optional) If you don't have Node.js and npm yet, install Node.js[1]
  2. Create your Pack11ty project and install its dependencies with this single command in your terminal: npm create pack11ty@latest my-project-name
  3. Go into your new project folder (cd my-project-name) and start the project in development mode (npm start) or build the site (npm run build)

You're ready to develop your new site and create content.

  1. The LTS (Long Term Support) version should be enough. ↩ī¸Ž